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HS: Riveting

December 30, 2006

–Finished riveting HS front spar
–Started final assembly of HS 


HS: Priming

December 29, 2006

–Primed HS skins
–Started rivet front spar 

HS: Riveting

December 28, 2006

–Finished riveting HS rear spar
–Began assembly of front spar

HS: Riveting

December 27, 2006

–Test fit pieces
–Began riveting rear spar

Note: Misfit lower rear spar stiffener. I had drill out 2 middle rivets. The holes became enlarged. I replaced with 5/32″ rivets. 

HS: Priming

December 26, 2006

–finished prepping all HS parts
–washed all HS parts
–acetoned all HS parts
–etched all HS parts with Alumiprep
–primed all HS parts with Napa 7220 Self Etch Primer

I debated what priming to use for a long time. After checking with Van’s recommends as well as the many online sources, I settled on rattle can self-etching primer. The convenience is a big factor. Although it technically needs a top sealer, this RV will be hangered and Van’s itself recognizes Mar Hyde self-etching primer. Good enough for me. This first round of priming I tried building a spray booth in the garage. Priming went well but the spry booth performed so-so. There was still a lot of paint fumes throughout the house and  the booth itself didn’t vent really well at all. I am gonna have to try some mods before doing the VS parts.

The spray booth in the garage trick. Not a great one as it turns out.

Etching the HS spars.

HS: Rear Spar Work

December 18, 2006

–Cut elevator stop clearance in rear HS spar

HS: Deburring, Dimpling

December 17, 2006

–Deburred and dimpled HS skin holes

HS: Deburring, Dimpling

December 10, 2006

–Finished deburring HS skeleton
–Dimpled HS skins

The job and family kept me busy this past month. It felt good to dive back into the HS. Annabelle helped me dimple the skins tonight.