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HS: Finishing

January 13, 2007

–Finished HS riveting

Final HS Punch List:
–Check skin edge for proper deburring (completed: 3.23.07)
–Torque rear spar bolts (completed 3.23.07)
–Touch up nicked primer
–Check front spar rivet (completed: 3.23.07)
–Check rear spar rivet (completed: 3.23.07)
–Rivet front tips left and right (completed 3.23.07) 


HS: Riveting

January 12, 2007

–More HS riveting

HS: Riveting

January 6, 2007

–Finished interior riveting of left HS assembly
–Started riveting of right HS assembly 

HS: Riveting

January 5, 2007

–Riveted left HS assembly