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Final Emp. Assembly 2

February 6, 2008

I need to source a 1/4″ metal tube in order to drill the elevator horns. Time to search some builder websites.


Tasks Completed:

  • Finished trimming HS skin to fit elevator counterbalance¬†

Final Emp. Assembly

February 3, 2008

Tonight I got the horzontal stabilizer back out and began doing all the final assembly work before starting on the firewall. I am still going to wait to do the fiberglass till later.

Closeup showing the trimming needed for the elevator counterweight clearance.

Tasks Completed:

  • Fit elevators to stab.
  • Started trimming the stab skins to fit the

Finished Left Elevator

February 2, 2008

Tasks Completed:

  • Rolled left elevator leading edges
  • Drilled and riveted leading edges
  • Fit rod end bearings and jam nuts

Note: There is a badly seated pop rivet on the most outboard leading edge section. I’ll need to go back and repair later.¬†

Left Elevator Final Assembly 2

January 12, 2008

I am getting adept at rolling leading edges now. With the QB wing on order however, this should be my last one! I got the clecos in but the edges will need some more work before I can drill and rivet.

Tasks Completed:

  • Rolled and temp assembled the leading edges

Left Elevator Final Assembly

January 10, 2008

Tasks Completed:

  • Riveted front half of trim tab hinge to left elevator
  • Riveted top of trim tab, spar and back half of hinge

Note: The trim tab has a slight upward curve caused by the misalignment of the top holes. I am not sure how the fit ended up being off slightly. This will be another item to ask the tech counselor about. Worst case, I’ll end up building Trim tab #3! I’ll save it for a rainy day in 2009!

Attaching Trim Tab

January 7, 2008

Tonight I was able to get the trim tab clecoed into position on the left elevator. I am within 1/32″ of the trailing and inboard edges which I am pleased with. It looks as if the travel needed will be within spec once I get the bottom of the trim tab bend to clear the rivets in the elevator.

Tasks Completed:

  • Match drilled the forward hinge to the left elevator assembly
  • Trimmed inboard edge of hinge

Trim Tab Hinge Work

January 6, 2008

It proved to be a very busy first week back from the holidays at work. I forced myself to go down to the workshop tonight and get something done on the trim tab. The fuse kit is supposed to be ready for pickup the week of the 14th at Van’s, so I want to have the tail kit completed minus the fiberglass work by then.

Tasks Completed:

  • Aligned and clamped the front half of E721 hinge

Some Local Help

December 30, 2007

My fellow builder Jason (who started an -8 about at the same time I started my -7) came over with a close quarter 1/8″ dimple die after church today. I needed it to dimple one last hole in the outboard trim tab bend that is unreachable with a regular size dimple die. Build on!

Trim Tab II Assembly

December 29, 2007

Tasks Completed:

  • Washed, acetoned, etched and primed trim tab spar and horns
  • Riveted bottom flange to trim tab skin
  • Riveted horns to skin and spar

Note: A couple of the rivets for the horn did not seem to seat well. I will need to review with the tech counselor. Also getting everything dimpled and riveted together in the trim is a BITCH! I made a couple of cosmetic booboos to the skin trying to get dimple dies and a squeezer in there.

Trim Tab II

December 28, 2007

After reflecting over christmas I decided to go the way of many who have gone before me and order another trim tab skin. The deciding factor was a lack of clearance between the elevator and trim tab where they meet on the trailing edge. I didn’t mark my line for the outboard tab bend using the square so after the bends were made the edge clearance goes to nil as it goes aft.

On the bright side I decided to do this now to save from drilling rivets or ordering all the other trim trim tab parts. Once the skin arrived on Thursday I made quick work out of redoing the bendsm matchdrilling, and dimpling all the parts.

Tasks Completed:

  • Ordered and prepped new trim tab skin
  • Deburred and dimpled all trim tab parts
  • Countersank E607 trim tab spar
  • Finished installing screws for E714