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Fun with Bolts

October 28, 2011


With the sun popping out and a day off from work, I primed the last side skin and reassembled the fuselage. I decided to go ahead and install and torque the eight AN3 bolts that attach the bottom of the firewall to the fuselage structure. It’s much easier that trying to convince bolts and nuts to line up in the tight corner after forward bottom skin is fitted. Since those were reamed holes the fit is tight. I could still push the bolts on by hand but there’s no wiggle room for misalignment which is the way it should be.



Almost Ready to Rivet

October 24, 2011

Today I finished deburring and dimpling the left side skin. Now I just need one more decent weather day to go prime it and we can finally get this “canoe” riveted.

Here’s the other fuse parts waiting to be installed.

The left skin goes here. In other news I also removed the F-715 outer ribs in order the install the nut plates on them after running an 8-32 tap through them per Van’s recommendation.