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Return of the Longerons

March 15, 2011

No pics to post tonight, but a quick update of progress for the week. The longerons are now notched and in position on the fuselage assembly. Everything looks well aligned. I’ll know more when I get the side skins attached soon. I also went back and prepped the rudder cable egress in aft fuselage. The hex screw dimpler from Avery’s worked perfectly here. I also started collecting and roughing out the pieces for the forward fuselage assembly and misc. parts prep. This boring stuff will continue until I can get the center skin riveted.


Big Moves

March 6, 2011

The fuselage is now so big that I have resorted to panoramas to show it in profile. The weather cooperated on Saturday, so I was able to prep and prime the 776 Center section skin. Paul, my trusted rivet partner, won’t be coming over till next week to help me rivet the skin to the skeleton. Instead I concentrated on a number of lingering little tasks. I lightly ran the countersink over the dimpled holes on the bottom of the 704 bulkheads. I primed the 2 spacer tubes and all the bare aluminum on the 704 that had lost its alodine coating. My biggest task was to figure out what to do with a poorly set rivet in the seat rib/705/baggage rib interface. The centermost ribs are the most problematic. Chad H. is a few months ahead of me in his build (and he only started a year ago!) warned me of his frustration get rivets set in there. Drilling out this rivet is a real pain. I had to do it backwards and drill out the shop head. Here goes nothin…

And of course I screwed it up. The hole got elongated pretty good. I ended up drilling out for an AN3 bolt as shown in the pic above. The edge distance is pretty tight but I think it’s barely in spec. I’ll point this repair out in my tech counselor visit just to be sure.

Those longerons I made many moons ago are about to be assembled into the fuselage. Ahead of that I need to notch them. Two big bars of aluminum stick out here. The horizontal stabilizer will get attached to the bars. Overall I made pretty good progress this weekend. Lots of big pieces getting put in place quickly.