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More Forward Fuselage Work

June 21, 2011

Work travel, a renewed interest in running and enjoying the weekends with the family put the project in low gear for most of June. I have been working on a number of tasks in parallel. It’s definitely not the most efficient way to do things, but kinda of fun to change things up from one session to another. Tonight I finished the preliminary drilling for the Tank Attach Bracket. I spend the weekend making the F-796B angle 4 times (you only need two of them) because I kept screwing up the dimensions. The bolt holes look like they’ll be drilled later.

On the rudder pedal front, the brake pedals are ready to be riveted now. Then I can prep the rest of the rudder pedal assembly and drill the mounting holes in the F-719 forward skin stiffeners. Finally, on the floor stiffener front, the two center stiffeners, are all drilled except for the aft most holes on the cover support ribs. That leaves the two outer stiffeners to take care of once I get the floor skin back in place.


Latest Progress

June 7, 2011

The airplane factory is closed for a couple of days while I am in LA for work. So it’s a perfect time to take stock as we close in on flipping this fuselage over soon. Above is a pic from the factory on Sunday. I need to finish installing two more floor stiffeners, locate and drill the rudder pedal mounts, mount the baggage compartment stiffeners, and finally finish drilling numerous holes throughout the structure.

Once that is complete most of what you see in this pic comes apart for deburring, countersinking and dimpling where needed before getting primed. Then all of it goes back together for riveting once and for all. Sounds easy right? One step at a time I guess.

Before I left town, I started on fitting the rudder pedals in the forward fuse. First step was to make the brake pedals out of the pieces above plus some spare angle. I am only installing the brake pedals on the pilot’s side to keep things light and simple. Fewer hydraulic lines means fewer points of failure as well.

And here are the brake pedals cleco’d together in position within the rudder pedals. I’ll rivet them together when I get back and move onto actually mounting the assembly in the airplane for final drilling of the position holes. I am thinking of having the brake pedals powder coated for a nice color accent in the cockpit.






Started Floor Stiffeners

June 3, 2011

Not much time for the project tonight, but I did start to fit the floor stiffeners. The center stiffeners needed to be carefully fitted as there’s not much wiggle room with the rivets on either end of the angles. Also you have to notch the forward end to fit around a firewall angle. I didn’t have time to drill them tonight. I’ll have to wait to drill later in the week. Bummer.

Here is the forward end with the notch cut out to fit around the forewall angle.

This last hole on the aft end of the stiffener is going to be challenging to drill and rivet. Yeehaw.