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E: Dimpling, Skin Prep, Etc.

September 30, 2007

–Dimpled left elevator skin–Drilled/deburred new 720H stiffener–temp built right counterblalance structure–Began deburring let elevator skin edges 


E: Dimpling, Skin Prep, Etc.

September 29, 2007

–Dimpled bottom right elevator skin
–Deburred right elevator skin edges
–Formed new 720H stiffener
–Drilled/deburred reinforcement plates
–Drilled/deburred 713 and 714 ribs 

E: Dimpling

September 26, 2007

–Dimpled top right elevator skin

E: Stiffeners, Cover Plate

September 24, 2007

–Finished dimpling the elevator stiffeners
–Dimpled E615 and the nut plates 

E: Stiffeners

September 23, 2007

–Scotchbrite stiffeners
–Started dimpling stiffeners 

Note: Dimpled one of the E720H stiffeners on the wrong side. Ordered replacement from Van’s. 

E: Deburring

September 19, 2007

–Deburred left elevator

Rud: Leading Edge

September 18, 2007

My first leading edge bend was difficult and produced so-so results. I ended up using strips of duct tape to hold curved edges together. Then I alternated the stripes adding more and more tension on each strip to “walk” the holes into alignment. 

–Rolled and match drilled rudder leading edge 

E: Drilling, Deburring

September 16, 2007

–Match drilled left and right stiffeners to skins
–Deburred right elevator skins

Upon review, I don’t think I’ve been doing a good enough job deburring and rounding the edges of the skins thus far. Starting with the right elevator. 

E: Prep Work

September 14, 2007

–Finished trimming vinyl

E: Stiffeners

September 11, 2007

–Trimmed the E 720 J, K and L stiffeners
–Clecoed left stiffeners