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Rud, R/LE: Leading Edge, Trimming

August 27, 2007

–Continued to work on rudder leading edge
–Started trimming elevator stiffeners

I got the leading edges of the rudder clecoed– barely. They look ok. The creases aren’t very difficuly to see luckily. Also I relized I didn’t bend the edge of the skin where the 2 sides overlap. I don’t even have an edge bend tool yet. I sat the rudder aside to come back to and started working on the elevator stiffeners.


Rud: Trailing Edge 3

August 23, 2007

–Finished trailing edge riveting
–Started rolling leading edges 

The trailing edge was finished with very good results. It’s well within spec. I’m very happy overall.Next up was the leading edges.

After testing a number options, I used a 3/4″ wooden dowel to roll the edges. The rolling went ok, but I still can’t get the 2 edges close enough to cleco. Also in trying the leading edge to bend more I slightly creased the leading edges. I finally gave up for the night fearing I would screw more stuff up.

Rud: Trailing Edge 2

August 22, 2007

–Removed jig from trailing edge
–Trimmed excess Pro Seal
–Cleaned holes with a #40 bit by hand
–Started the double flush riveting 

Rud: Trailing Edge Time!

August 19, 2007

–Drilled aluminum angle jig
–Cleaned trailing edge of skins and the AEX wedge with MEK
–Prosealed trailing edge.

Well the big day has come and gone. Again since I did A LOT of blog reading ahead of time it went really well. Yes, Pro Seal is messy to work with but that’s what rubber gloves and paper towels are for. I used MEK for the first time to clean the parts. It stinks a heck of a lot more that acetone. After applying the Pro Seal everything got clecoed into the alum angle jig and left to cure for 2 days per the manual. 

Rud: Riveting and Misc.

August 18, 2007

–Drilled back most holes in ribs to 7/64″ and installed pop rivets.
–Started prep work for trailing edge riveting

So after doing some punch list work on the rudder riveting so far, I began to set up the aluminum angle for completing the trailing edge.

Note 1: Drilled out bad rivet on ride side forward most bottom rib hole.

Note: 2: Need to find a way to squeeze rivet in 2nd most rear hole of right top rib for symmetry. 

Rud: Riveting

August 16, 2007

–Continued Riveting rudder skin to skeleton

Tonight I worked on the the counterbalance skin and right side of the bottom rib and spar.

Rud: Skin Riveting

August 15, 2007

–Removed blue vinyl from inside of skin and cleaned with acetone
–Started riveting rudder skin to skeleton.

Riveted the bottom rib and left side of spar. I was able to get to all the holes with 426 rivets but the last one. I’ll just put a pop rivet in there as Van’s suggests.

Rud: Counterbalance

August 14, 2007

–Installed counterbalance lead
–Installed tip rib 

Rud: Riveting 3

August 12, 2007

–Riveted counterbalance rib and skin

Rud: Riveting 2

August 11, 2007

–Continued to rivet rudder skeleton