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Rud: Drilling

May 30, 2007

–Finished match drilling rudder assembly


Rud: Riveting, Assembly, Drilling

May 28, 2007

–Riveted stiffeners on the right skin
–Assembled rudder
–Match drilled skins and spars 

Rud: Priming, Riveting

May 27, 2007

–Primed stiffeners
–Riveted stiffeners to left skin

I used Tempo Zinc Chromate on the stiffeners because I couldn’t find any self-etch locally. I does not seem to adhere well at all compared with the 7220. It’s good enough for these stiffeners but I won’t be using it again. 

The first few rivets for the left skin stiffeners were poorly driven because I couldn’t get the back rivet set to fit well against the stiffener flanges. I ground down the plastic on the back rivet set to get clearance against the stiffeners. After this the riveting work much better. 

Rud: Priming Prep

May 26, 2007

–Washed stiffeners
–Etched stiffeners with Alumiprep 

Rud: Assembly, Drilling

May 25, 2007

–Finished assembling rudder skeleton
–match drilled counterbalance skin
–match drilled ribs, rudder horn, and lower spar

I fixed the counterbalance skin fit problem by shaping the counterweight a little more and by starting the clecos from the front and working backwards.

Rud: Skeleton Assembly

May 24, 2007

–Started assembly of rudder skeleton

The counterbalance skin was very difficult to get clecoed in place. I am setting aside to investigate before committing to drilling. 

Rud: Dimpling

May 23, 2007

–Finished dimpling skins and stiffeners

Note: Some holes in the skins look enlarged after dimpling. They are large enough for an oops rivet so I am going to move ahead with the 3-3 rivets.

Rud: Drilling, Dimpling

May 20, 2007

–Match drilled rudder stiffeners and both skins
–Started dimpling rudder parts 

Rud: Making Stiffeners

May 19, 2007

–Trimmed rudder stiffeners–Deburred all the edges