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Wings Nearing Completion

October 27, 2010

There’s plenty of updates that I’ve been meaning to post to the log. Both bottom wing skins are prepped including the hole for the pitot mast on the left skin. I’ll wait till wiring and pitot lines are installed later to close out the wings. Both fuel tanks are closed. This took longer than I hoped but its done… I think. The Proseal mixture for the right tank baffle seems to be taking a long time to pass the “fingernail test.” I attribute some of that to the change in weather but I might have been off in the 10:1 mixture. I’ll check it in a month or two to see if it sets well. Also I installed the Dynon AP roll servo in the right wing. Safety-wiring the servo mount bolts was a pain with very little clearance. If I were to do it over I might mount the servo to the bracket and then the bracket to the spar. It didn’t help that its been well over 7 years since I safety-wired anything so I had to knock the dust off that part of the brain. I’ve temporarily hooked up all the control rods and the AP linkage. Both wings are sitting pretty back in the stands. The wing tips will be saved till final assembly. Now a night of clean up and reorganizing so I can get the aft fuse riveted. The goal will be to hit the center section hard heading into the holidays. Stay tuned for photos!