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Still prepping fuse parts

August 29, 2011


For your viewing pleasure here’s the boys enjoying the Blues over Lake Washington earlier this month. As for the project, i’ve been working on it I swear. It’s really just a 1000 little tasks without much visual payoff so I’ll spare you the pics of pretty countersunk holes in a neat little row.

I’m still slowly working through all the final steps before starting the riveting on the main fuse. I’m excited to see if I got a the puzzle pieces made correctly! All the deburring, dimpling, and countersinking including the longerons is done on the internal structures. I’ve primed about 2/3 of these parts. The left forward fuse pieces still need to be etched and primed. The skins still need to be prepped but that should be kinda fun as imam trying to “eat my vegetables”‘first. Also, I have to go back and find a solution for one hole I doubled drilled on a bulkhead. After that I’ll be reassembling the canoe! Work is going to take over this week so hopefully I can hit it hard next weekend. I’m aiming to flip the canoe this fall and order finish kit before the end of the year.


Oshkosh 2011

August 2, 2011

This was my second visit to the big dance for wingnuts of every stripe. My good friend Jeff and I spent 3 nights at Camp Scholler in tent (the secret weapon of comfort is to bring a collapsable cot!). I learned about fiberglass from Sam James, LED lighting from Dean Wilkenson and electrical system planning. The highlight for both Jeff and I was listening to Burt Rutan talk about Scaled Composites, retirement and his BiPod project. We also stumbled upon Dick Rutan talking about building and flying the Voyager around the world with Jeana Yeager. It’s a super interesting story if you ever get a chance to read their book about the flight.

I didn’t really think about taking pictures this time around so here’s a just a few to tease you with.

Jeff stands in front of a F-18 with special "Digi-Cam" paint job.

The 787 visited on Friday for its first public viewing.

A Marine Harrier jet makes A LOT of noise when it hovers. It hurt to just take a snapshot.


A beautiful clear early evening greets me upon my return to Seattle. Boeing Field is in the upper left.