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Aft Fuse Riveting, Part 1

November 8, 2010

This weekend I reassembled the tailcone and riveted F-711 and F-712 to F-779. The first few rivets look a bit footed on F-711 so I need to go back and redo them. The rest are A-OK. Also, I need to confirm with Vans that I can use a couple of pull rivets next to the weldment where I can’t buck or squeeze.

The rest of the aft fuse is clecoed and awaits me to recruit a partner to shoot and/or buck. I have to travel next week so this might be couple of weeks away from happening. Onward.


The first few rivets on the tailcone in place.

Looking down the aft fuse at all the bulkheads



Wing Photos

November 1, 2010

As promised, here are some photos of the recently finished sub assemblies on the wing.

Roll Servo Install

As I wrote in the previous post, safety wiring those two bolts that mount the servo to the bracket was a bear. We’ll see what the tech counsellor says about the quality soon 🙂 Other than that it’s a pretty straight ahead install.

Right fuel tank cover plate and sender install

I got both the tanks closed finally. They still need pressure testing, but I’ll wait till later. I hope I never have to take these things off again. The screws are pretty soft and the philips heads mangle easily.

Aileron control arms primed

I went back and primed the ends of the smaller aileron control arms per Van’s suggestion. One end of each will be exposed to the elements so it is prudent here.

Safe Air pitot mast install in left wing

Pretty straight ahead. I used the template to align the position then rough cut the hole using unibits and the Dremel. With sand drums on the Dremel and the mini files, I smoothed everything to final shape. Match drilled and countersunk the pitot mounting plate and we are all done. I’ll have to wait to rivet until riveting the skin and running the pitot lines.

Right wing control and servo arms

Here’s the business end of the servo arm where it mounts into the aileron control horn at mid span on the right wing.

I started to put the inspection plates back on and twisted the head off of one of the small screws. Argh! So not I’ll either “ez out” the screw or remove the nut plate and reinstall a new one. For now though I am just putting the wings in the corner. Now back to the fuse!!!