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Prep work

December 22, 2010

Here’s a picture of clouds as they are way more exciting than seeing more metal prep work. The garage was cold and it was 10pm but I made myself go work on deburring and scuffing more of the center section ribs. That’s about as exciting as I can make it seem. Plan is to starting drilling on the center section over the break. Six more ribs to go. Ugh.


Meet PDub

December 20, 2010

I can finally put an end to the Hellraiser Pinhead comparisons when showing pictures of the aft fuse. I can also get my clecos back to start putting together the center section.

My coworker Paul (aka Pdub) came over for 3 hours to help rivet the aft fuse. We finished up all of the bottom rivets except for the 706 bulkhead which will be removed a couple of more times. We only had to drill out one rivet dinged up when I pulled the bucking bar away too soon. Paul’s a natural with the gun. He has uncles that work for Boeing so I guess it’s in his genes.

We were shocked at how much lighter the assembly was with even just the bottom clecos out. We’ll do a rivet session after the holidays to finish off the two sides. Meanwhile, I’ll prep and prime the center section.

Center Ribs Prepped

December 14, 2010

This past weekend I finished prepping all the F-716 ribs for the center section. There are left and right versions with special mods for the center four of the eight. Then it’s your typical drilling, edge prep and scotchbrite treatment. Now I’m waiting to sneak into the School of Art spray booth for some priming before adding nut plates. Once complete I can start temp assembling the center section for match drilling.¬†On another note, I have some help coming over on Sunday to knock our the aft fuse riveting finally.

The extra clearance in the center is for the control column linkage.

Center Fuse Start

December 5, 2010

For whatever reason I am dragging my feet on riveting. I need to recruit partner, commit to a day, and be done with it. Plus I need all my clecoes back to put the center section together. In the meantime, I can’t help but get started with the center section parts prep. Sunday I started making all the cuts on the two F-715 and eight 716 ribs including the rib access plate cutouts, spacers, wiring holes, etc. Next up nutplates and figuring out how the hell I am going to fit this all in the garage! With the wings and aft fuse already in there, I need to get creative about where to fit this assembly. The footprint alone is about 4×3 feet.