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Canoe Flipped!

December 16, 2011


Last Saturday Paul came over for our 4th rivet session on the fuse. After 7 hours we got all the rivets pounded and flipped her over. It feels great to hit such a milestone. I will also feel much better not having to crawl around the inside of the fuse. There’s a few items on the punch list to clean up this week and then I can move on to the various brackets along the longeron.

Here’s a 3/4 view of the fuse. Fun!

And the view from the inside

Lift with your legs!

Paul and I basking in our successful day. Thanks for all the riveting help P-Dub!


Fuse Rivet Session 3

December 5, 2011


Another Sunday. Another visit from P Dub. In 4 hours we were able to get the sides and a lot of the bottom skin finished today.

The rear edge of the bottom skin turned our really nicely. I am going to follow Chad’s lead and fill all the overlapping gaps with proseal to keep the cockpit weather tight.

The intersection of the side, bottom and aft skins came out really nice. A little proseal to close out some gaps and we’ll be done here. I did have to drill out one rivet on the opposite side. I also used longer rivets than spec’d on a couple of the tab flanges here so a good shop head would form.

The last thing we did before knocking off was to seal and rivet the bottom firewall to the 772 skin. I used 3M Firebarrier 2000+ to guard against CO2 fumes and as protection against an engine fire.