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VS: Riveting

February 25, 2007

–Riveted VS skin to skeleton
–Riveted rear spar to skin and skeleton 


VS: Drilling, Riveting

February 24, 2007

–Drilled VS 707 to 702 hole to #5
–Riveted VS 707 to 702
–Clecoed skin to VS skeleton 

VS: Rivet Repair

February 18, 2007

–Drilled out all 3 VS 707 to 702 rivets
–Straightened out VS 707 flange 

The fix worked out pretty well. The rib flange is only slightly deformed and the rivets are seated much better.

VS: Riveting

February 17, 2007

–Riveted VS rear spar and skeleton

Note: Bad rivet on VS 707 to 702 caused bending in the rib flange. I don’t like the looks of it and need to fix.

VS: Priming

February 11, 2007

–Primed VS parts

VS: Prep for Priming

February 10, 2007

–Etched VS parts with Alumiprep

VS: Cleaning, Prep

February 4, 2007

–Washed VS parts
–Acteone VS parts 

VS: Drilling, Deburring, Prep

February 3, 2007

–Match drilled VS skin
–Deburred edges and holes of VS parts and skin