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VS: Drilling, Deburring, Prep

October 22, 2006

–Prepped VS rear spar stiffener
–Prepped VS ribs
–Drilled VS 410 bracket 


HS, VS: Drilling, Deburring

October 21, 2006

–Match drilled right HS side
–Started VS assembly

Waiting to finish drilling the HS assembly until my Right Angle drill arrives from Cleveland Tools. 

HS: Right Assem.

October 20, 2006

–Assembled right HS skeleton and skin

HS: Deburring, Drilling

October 15, 2006

–Prepped HS ribs
–Began drilling Left HS skeleton
–Started match drilling HS skin 

Horizontal Stab. Assembly

October 14, 2006

Tasks Completed:

  • Test fit the HS skins
  • Continued to prep the HS ribs

Rib Fun!

October 10, 2006

Tasks Completed: 

  • Began deburring and scotchbriting HS ribs

Finishing HS Skeleton Prep

October 8, 2006

Tasks Completed:

  • Finished both HS 702 trimming
  • Dimpled, countersunk and bend HS 702s
  • Trimmed HS 404

Front Spar Work

October 7, 2006

Again I spent a lot of time studying the plans and VAF.

Tasks Completed:

  • Bent HS 710 and 714
  • Began removing the flange from both HS 702s as per the instructions.

More Rib Work

October 1, 2006

Tasks Completed:

  • Continued Prepping HS Ribs