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Returning to the QB Wings

June 14, 2010

QB Wing Vacation 2010 is here! I put the aft fuse aside and dug into the wing parts. I reread the mannual again and pulled together all the relevant wing parts. They say the QB wings are about 80% complete. They seem even for complete than that. Mount the control surfaces, install the control arms, moutn the wing top and attached the bottom skin. That’s about it in a nutshell. There going to be other things like the lights, pitot and wiring but I can save that for later. Onward!!!

I rearranged the workshop with the wings front and center.

Step one is to drill out the bushings for the bellcrank in each wing and temp. install in wing. I am also installing the roll servo mount in the right wing at the same time.

Left wing bellcrank.

Right wing bellcrank with roll servo mount installed.

Next up will be mounting the aileron brackets. These are 3 and 4 piece assemblies. The thick aluminum requires a good deburring. I got to use my hefty vixen file for the first time. This thing is quite a weapon against aluminum. It took awhile for me to find my vixen file zen as too much pressure caused chattering and an uneven surface. I almost got them all prepped tonight but had to call it quits. Tomorrow I’ll finsh up the prep and then mount for match drilling and countersinking.

Left wing outboard aileron bracket ready for match drilling.

My weapons of choice for metal prep. The vixen file up top will take out a finger or small animal if you're not paying attention.

Metal porn. Look at that shiny edge work!


Gaining Momentum

June 7, 2010

This weekend was very productive. I took care of everything on my punch list and more. I match drilled and prepped the pitch servo mounting for priming. All the parts were dimpled except for the left skin. I held off on the bellcrank as the instructions don’t call for it until much later in the fuse build.

The plan this week will be to get that final skin done and maybe prime a few parts if I get some decent weather. Later in the week I will start to reconfig. the shop to start the QB wings this weekend.

Keeping Track

June 4, 2010

So far I have finished deburring and dimpling the aft floor skin, the F-779 tailcone, and all the bulkheads except 706. That leaves F-706, the J-stringers and the side skins left on the to-do list. After all the deburring and dimpling is done, I can prime and touch up parts as needed. There’s also a punch list forming of a few little things I need to stay on top of:

  • Match drill the 4 holes I missed in the aft floor skin.
  • Drill out rivets to attach the pitch servo mount on F-729B.
  • Match drill the holes for F-729 that attaches to F-707 bulkhead.
  • Go ahead and make the bellcrank and mounting hardware.

I’d love to finish up all the prep leading up to final assembly and riveting by the time I hit my vacation in a week. That would allow me to concetrate on getting the QB wings done or nearly done in a concentrated week of effort and pick up the fuse again by the end of June. We’ll see.

Better than finding that 10 dollar bill you left in your pocket is finding the $50 Aircraft Spruce gift card from Christmas that you thought you lost. It was in my wallet the whole time. Duh. So I guess I’ll have to do a little shopping soon.

Debur, dimple, debur, dimple, debur, dimple...

Some parts ready for primer or touch up.

Plenty more holes to go. Ugh...

This is the approximate location for the pitch servo mount.