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Deconstruction Part 1

July 20, 2011


No airplane pics tonight but it was Cam’s birthday, so he gets a guest¬†appearance¬†on the blog instead. After the sugar addled kids went to bed, I started taking the fuselage apart. There’s LOTS of pieces to keep track of! Also its a challenge to figure out which holes get countersunk, dimpled or left alone. Time for the zen-like trance to take over while prepping a thousand little holes.


Fuselage Drilling Complete!

July 18, 2011

All the drilling is finished on the fuselage now and it’s ready to be taken apart! The last week was spent confirming all the holes are drilled to final size, opening up various holes for fuel lines, vents, and wire runs. Technically I still need to drill the bottom of the 902 bulkhead flanges, but not until I remove the bottom forward skin. A lot of edge prep is done for the interior parts so I hope I can get through the prep process quick enough to start priming in the next couple of weeks. I’m not looking forward to countersinking the hundreds of holes in the longerons!

Below are examples of some of the extra holes drilled during the fuse prep:

A bulkhead flange in the baggage area drilled to the longeron

A countersunk hole for a #10 screw on the forward fuselage.

This photo shows the 1 inch hole for the fuel line pass through. The actual fuel line is only about 3/8" but its held in place by a 1 inch rubber grommet that shields it against vibration.

Prepping the Rudder Pedals and Final Drilling

July 10, 2011

Last weekend the rudder pedal assembly was finished as well as getting the last two floor stiffeners drilled. This past week I spent drilling out all the leftover holes in the fuselage in preparation of taking it all a part for final parts prep.

Here is a close up of the pilot side brake pedals temporarily fitted to the rudder pedals.

The rudder pedals are mount to the frame using plastic friction blocks bolted to a stiffener on each side of the fuselage. The extra holes are there so you can adjust the pedals forward or backward. Since the seats don’t adjust forward or backward, this is the best/easiest way to fine tune the fit in the cockpit.

Here is another view of the rudder pedal mount.

Here is the middle brace that helps the rudder pedals from flexing.

The brace mounts onto a stiffener on the firewall.

I also went back and drilled some holes I skipped like this one.