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Center Section Blah Blah

May 10, 2008

Tonight I started marching through all the remaining parts prep. The center section is proving to be quite tedious. There are a bunch of little items to do and you have to pay attention to the plans much more on the fuselage. I am reading the plans over and over to avoid drilling the wrong hole on these parts.

I almost plowed ahead with drilling a third hole in the small cover support rib before really seeing how it goes together. Also Ken Scott confirmed for me that you actually dimple the web of the forward bulkhead. I had initially assumed this would be countersunk! If I can get a good day’s work in later this week, I should be ready to prime the firewall and center section parts as soon as the weather is good. 

Tasks Competed:

  • Installed all the nutplates to the bulkheads
  • Drilled and prepped right web stiffener
  • Drilled and prepped cover support ribs