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Center Ribs Prepped

December 14, 2010

This past weekend I finished prepping all the F-716 ribs for the center section. There are left and right versions with special mods for the center four of the eight. Then it’s your typical drilling, edge prep and scotchbrite treatment. Now I’m waiting to sneak into the School of Art spray booth for some priming before adding nut plates. Once complete I can start temp assembling the center section for match drilling. On another note, I have some help coming over on Sunday to knock our the aft fuse riveting finally.

The extra clearance in the center is for the control column linkage.



September 9, 2009


The last 3 nights I’ve been fabricating, matching drilling, prepping and  the parts for the bellcrank rib substructure that attaches to the 706 bulkhead. I’ve had to pay close attention to drawing #26 for this structure as there are many intersecting parts; virtually each one with it’s own special way to attach to the other. Also after cursing Van’s for some apparently misaligned predrilled holes in F730, I discovered that the holes are actually asymmetrical in their layout and yours truly had cleco’d it on backwards. The holes aligned perfectly now. A little more drilling tonight and this bad boy gets thrown into the ever growing “To Be Primed” pile. I swear I am gonna spray paint this weekend. Sorry for the crappy photos. I only had the iphone with me this morning.

Notice the missing hole on the upper right of 730.

Notice the missing hole on the upper right of 730.

Here's the backside of the F730 intersections

Here's the backside of the F730 intersections

Countersinking and More Dimpling

November 16, 2007

The jig worked pretty well. If I were to do it over I wouldn’t insert clecoes in the countersunk holes. The countersink was basically right to the edge so the holes distorted a little when I took the cleocos out. I think its minor issue since this part will be sandwiched between the dimpled skin and the trim tab hinge.

Tasks Completed:

  • Countersank E606PP using jig.
  • Continued to scotchbrite and dimple left elevator skeleton parts.

Left Side Scuffing and Dimpling

November 15, 2007

Tasks Completed:

  • Began to scotchbrite and dimple left elevator skeleton parts.
  • Built simple jig to hold E606PP for countersinking

E: Stiffeners

September 23, 2007

–Scotchbrite stiffeners
–Started dimpling stiffeners 

Note: Dimpled one of the E720H stiffeners on the wrong side. Ordered replacement from Van’s. 

HS: Scotchbrite, Debur Spar

November 11, 2006

–Scotchbrited and deburred HS spars