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I Love Brackets

January 12, 2012

I must because I made the same one three times tonight. Probably lack of sleep this week has softened up the synapses. Basically I spent a frigid evening attaching a stiffener rib between 707 and 706 bulkheads. I got one J-channel trimmed down as well. I ran out of steam with the cold weather and covered her up for a few days of non-activity. See you next week!


Center Ribs Prepped

December 14, 2010

This past weekend I finished prepping all the F-716 ribs for the center section. There are left and right versions with special mods for the center four of the eight. Then it’s your typical drilling, edge prep and scotchbrite treatment. Now I’m waiting to sneak into the School of Art spray booth for some priming before adding nut plates. Once complete I can start temp assembling the center section for match drilling. On another note, I have some help coming over on Sunday to knock our the aft fuse riveting finally.

The extra clearance in the center is for the control column linkage.

Center Section Parts Fab. Final

May 26, 2008

I finished all the parts fabrication and drilling this evening for the center section. Now I’m ready to clean, etch, and prime all the parts for the firewall and the center section this week before my trip to Arizona.

Tasks Completed:

  • Finished drilling the conduit holes in the cover support ribs.
  • Fabricated the spacers out of the aluminum tubing.

E: Dimpling, Skin Prep, Etc.

September 30, 2007

–Dimpled left elevator skin–Drilled/deburred new 720H stiffener–temp built right counterblalance structure–Began deburring let elevator skin edges 

E: Dimpling, Skin Prep, Etc.

September 29, 2007

–Dimpled bottom right elevator skin
–Deburred right elevator skin edges
–Formed new 720H stiffener
–Drilled/deburred reinforcement plates
–Drilled/deburred 713 and 714 ribs 

Rud: Riveting

August 16, 2007

–Continued Riveting rudder skin to skeleton

Tonight I worked on the the counterbalance skin and right side of the bottom rib and spar.

Rud: Assembly, Drilling

May 25, 2007

–Finished assembling rudder skeleton
–match drilled counterbalance skin
–match drilled ribs, rudder horn, and lower spar

I fixed the counterbalance skin fit problem by shaping the counterweight a little more and by starting the clecos from the front and working backwards.

HS: Drilling and Such

November 5, 2006

–match drilled right HS skin, spars and ribs
–started deburring all the holes

HS: Drilling and Such

November 3, 2006

–Match drilled left HS skin, spars and ribs

VS: Drilling, Deburring, Prep

October 22, 2006

–Prepped VS rear spar stiffener
–Prepped VS ribs
–Drilled VS 410 bracket