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Bulkhead Madness!

August 27, 2009


I’m almost ready to have the parts forest primer party. One more section of the 706 bulkhead to drill and prep, then soap and water/solvent treatment for what seems like a hundred pieces big and small. With some luck I can get that all done by Friday and prime over the weekend. I’m out of town on a shoot next week so it would be great to look forward to some actual assembly when I get back.

As for the bulkheads, some of the parts were done over a year ago, so I’ll need test assemble before priming to make sure I remember how it all goes together. Also there’s quit a few spots that you don’t rivet yet, so I need to mark those before starting to rivet.

Parts of 706, 707, 708 bulkheads

F-711 clecoed together


Example of the various pass-thru holes you have to drill.