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Picking It Back Up

November 26, 2012

Well the airplane factory is back up and running after an extended hiatus. I actually took August and September completely off for a family vacation and being outdoors in the NW Sunshine as much as possible. In October after persuading the spiders to move out of the garage, I finished some small tasks on the fuse. I mounted the outside mount for the fuel line cover on the front spar and finished prepping the fuel tank to fuse mount. I spent a weekend taking the EAA Electrical workshop. That was very helpful to start understanding the basics of aircraft electrical systems and methods.

In November I was able to get rudder cable install started, drill the holes for the static air probes and squeeze more rivets at the 705/longeron intersections. The turkey day holiday has given me time to concentrate on building the canopy frame.

With my new momentum I’m hoping to knock out the canopy frame and temp the forward deck together in the next month. Then it’ll be time to paint the inside cabin with its final color!




A Miscellaneous Day

July 24, 2010

I got a few hours in today. Worked on details in the right wing. The flap hinge was riveted. I made all the spacers for the bellcrank and ailerons hinges. Tonight I started to rivet the aileron gap faring as well.

There are a couple of issues I need to look into though. First, the bellcrank looks slightly off 90 degrees relative to the bottom of the wing. This is the side with the servo. I think the dynon bracket for the servo that replaces the stock bracket might have been drilled slightly off. This can wait a little bit so I’m not totally sure yet if I need to do anything here.

The second issue is, despite my careful attempts to line up the flap and aileron trailing edges, they might be off by 3/16 or so. I won’t know for sure till I put the bottom skin on. Not much I can do now anyway. My just another unique feature for my airplane.

The new 4″ yoke worked perfectly at petting to the hard to reach rivets on the aileron mounts. Packing it in for the evening. I think I might get a whole day tomorrow on the project. Yay.