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Top Skins

January 11, 2012

This weekend I got the last two skins out of the closet for fitting. Fitting is simple enough but there’s some details to pay attention to for sure. I have to go back and tweak all the flanges for a better overall fit. They went on without much hassle after that. The J-stringers ended up being a tad too long preventing a few of the holes in the 706 falnge from lining up properly. I went ahead and drilled everything on the stringers and the flanges except for these few holes.

I have a lot of little details to pick off this week before I can put the top skins back in storage. Hopefully I can find a weather window to get some priming  done as well.


Fuselage Drilling Complete!

July 18, 2011

All the drilling is finished on the fuselage now and it’s ready to be taken apart! The last week was spent confirming all the holes are drilled to final size, opening up various holes for fuel lines, vents, and wire runs. Technically I still need to drill the bottom of the 902 bulkhead flanges, but not until I remove the bottom forward skin. A lot of edge prep is done for the interior parts so I hope I can get through the prep process quick enough to start priming in the next couple of weeks. I’m not looking forward to countersinking the hundreds of holes in the longerons!

Below are examples of some of the extra holes drilled during the fuse prep:

A bulkhead flange in the baggage area drilled to the longeron

A countersunk hole for a #10 screw on the forward fuselage.

This photo shows the 1 inch hole for the fuel line pass through. The actual fuel line is only about 3/8" but its held in place by a 1 inch rubber grommet that shields it against vibration.

Bottom Skin and Fuel Tank

August 17, 2010

Tonight I started drilling the bottom skin for the right wing. I am taking my time on this step to minimize any elongated holes. I am especially careful on the spar hole match drilling. Getting the holes to match up well on the spar was a bit challenging. After reading some similar stories online, I rigged up a stand with some shims stacked under a couple of of the leading edge ribs. This helped take some load off the ribs and spar interface and in turn helped the skin fit a tad better and avoid messing up the holes.

Also on deck tonight was opening up the fuel tank and getting an idea of how to close then out. It looks pretty straight forward— I just need to install the float unit, torque the fittings correctly, secure here and there and screw everything together. I need to research a little to make sure I am not missing anything. One area I am concerned about are the reports of nuisance leaks around fuel tank rivets. Some builders are suggesting this happening to the QB tanks because not enough sealant is being used in assembly. So I took a look around the inside of the tank and was happy to see plenty of sealant covering the flanges, shop heads and corners in the tank. I’ll look at a deeper compartment with a mirror tomorrow.

Not a great shot, but you can see the sealant is well used in the critical areas

Here's my quick solution to relieve stress on rib flanges that might cause bad fit for skin

Drill Baby Drill!!

May 13, 2010

Sorry- I just couldn’t resist the title. Looks like I’ll be able to drill the j-stiffeners this weekend. Most everything has lined up well so far including the F-779 tail cone which just took patience to line everything up. The only issue for me is getting the F-712 bulkhead and the WD-409 tailspring mount to seat nicely. There’s a bit of a gap at the top between the two parts. I think it might just be needing to provide some clearance in the tailcone cut out but it can wait till I match drill the stiffeners. I’ll post pics later of this issue and the drilling.

Attaching Trim Tab

January 7, 2008

Tonight I was able to get the trim tab clecoed into position on the left elevator. I am within 1/32″ of the trailing and inboard edges which I am pleased with. It looks as if the travel needed will be within spec once I get the bottom of the trim tab bend to clear the rivets in the elevator.

Tasks Completed:

  • Match drilled the forward hinge to the left elevator assembly
  • Trimmed inboard edge of hinge

LE: Drilling, Counterweight

November 11, 2007

–Match drilled E610P and E702
–Clecoed E703 and 704 together
–Matchdrilled them to E702
–Shaped E714 and clecoed E713 into place.

NOTE: E610PP holes don’t quit align with E702 holes.They appear to be 1/32″ off. I emailed Van’s. They said if I can get the clecos on without distorting the spar, then its probably ok to drill. Build on…2 hours

Drilling and Such

September 23, 2006

I took my time on these parts to make sure I wasn’t overlooking something.

Tasks Completed:

  • Match drilled HS608 and 609
  • Match drilled HS412 and 413 hinge brackets
  • Match drilled HS 411BFirst drilling tonight.