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Countersinking and More Dimpling

November 16, 2007

The jig worked pretty well. If I were to do it over I wouldn’t insert clecoes in the countersunk holes. The countersink was basically right to the edge so the holes distorted a little when I took the cleocos out. I think its minor issue since this part will be sandwiched between the dimpled skin and the trim tab hinge.

Tasks Completed:

  • Countersank E606PP using jig.
  • Continued to scotchbrite and dimple left elevator skeleton parts.


Left Side Scuffing and Dimpling

November 15, 2007

Tasks Completed:

  • Began to scotchbrite and dimple left elevator skeleton parts.
  • Built simple jig to hold E606PP for countersinking

E: Dimpling and Deburring

October 31, 2007

Tonight I researched whether to dimple or countersink the E702 for riveting the E709 rib in place. It seems even though the instructions explicitly state to countersink, most everyone dimples both parts because it’s much easier and in an inherently stronger bond.

  • Dimpled E702 and 709
  • Deburred E702 and 709 

Note 1: I cut my spare micro-countersink cage down so that it would center over the outside holes at the end of the 702 spar and still clear the flange. I didn’t end up using it as I decided to dimple this part instead. I am sure though this will come in handy on tight spots in the future. Note 2: The price of getting the cage cut down is that I most likely ruined my bandsaw blade.