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Top Skins

January 11, 2012

This weekend I got the last two skins out of the closet for fitting. Fitting is simple enough but there’s some details to pay attention to for sure. I have to go back and tweak all the flanges for a better overall fit. They went on without much hassle after that. The J-stringers ended up being a tad too long preventing a few of the holes in the 706 falnge from lining up properly. I went ahead and drilled everything on the stringers and the flanges except for these few holes.

I have a lot of little details to pick off this week before I can put the top skins back in storage. Hopefully I can find a weather window to get some priming  done as well.


Keeping Track

June 4, 2010

So far I have finished deburring and dimpling the aft floor skin, the F-779 tailcone, and all the bulkheads except 706. That leaves F-706, the J-stringers and the side skins left on the to-do list. After all the deburring and dimpling is done, I can prime and touch up parts as needed. There’s also a punch list forming of a few little things I need to stay on top of:

  • Match drill the 4 holes I missed in the aft floor skin.
  • Drill out rivets to attach the pitch servo mount on F-729B.
  • Match drill the holes for F-729 that attaches to F-707 bulkhead.
  • Go ahead and make the bellcrank and mounting hardware.

I’d love to finish up all the prep leading up to final assembly and riveting by the time I hit my vacation in a week. That would allow me to concetrate on getting the QB wings done or nearly done in a concentrated week of effort and pick up the fuse again by the end of June. We’ll see.

Better than finding that 10 dollar bill you left in your pocket is finding the $50 Aircraft Spruce gift card from Christmas that you thought you lost. It was in my wallet the whole time. Duh. So I guess I’ll have to do a little shopping soon.

Debur, dimple, debur, dimple, debur, dimple...

Some parts ready for primer or touch up.

Plenty more holes to go. Ugh...

This is the approximate location for the pitch servo mount.

Hello 2010

January 2, 2010

To welcome in the new year I’ve completed all the bulkhead riveting! Here’s a pick of most of the bulkheads sitting on the workshop floor. I’m glad I had them on the rubber mat too. We had a heck of a rain storm last night and the wind blew some water into the garage. No biggie. Just threw some towels down and moved on.

All the bulkhead rivets were squeezed. One challenge on all these is that most of the rivets are bringing together two or sometimes three thin layers of metal. I learned quickly that you had to be careful not to distort the thin layer abutting the shop head side of the rivet. Securing the work to the bench or the vise very well was the most important factor. However, my most recent trick gathered from the Vans Airforce Forums was to use faucet washers to hold the work down as you squeezed the rivet. This would prevent unwanted distortions in that thin layer of aluminum as the shop head is formed. See pics below for details. Lastly, squeezing the rivets in 2 steps instead of one helped avoid bent or footed shop heads. Now on to the longerons…

My RV resolution for 2010 will be to spend at least 15 minutes a day on the RV project. I’d love to flip the canoe this year, but I’ll need to get better disciplined about finding time to get out to the shop.

Yours truly using the rubber washer trick on F-711

Picked these up at Home Depot. Thanks VAF forums!

After squeezing the rivet just enough to set it, I then put a washer on the half squeezed rivet and finished it off with a final squeeze.

It’s My Primer Party

December 21, 2009

With some time off this week from work I committed myself over the weekend to getting this pile of parts primed so I can actually assemble some small things that can then be made into bigger things. The biggest hurdle has been that bitch Mother Nature. She’s been my spray booth ever since I discovered that DIY spray booths in the basement can be grounds for divorce (and brain damage). I finally found my answer at a local state run institution of higher learning that happens to have a number of spray rooms in their art building. Climate controlled and the fumes are vented out the roof. PERFECT! Sunday I was able to wash, clean, etch my entire collection of parts at home. Then I primed until I ran our of primer. Ugh! So today I finished up the last few parts at the school and have them laid out and drying in the garage. Now it’s time for the squeezer to come out!

F-707 and 708 bulkheads ready to be riveted

VS: Drilling, Riveting

February 24, 2007

–Drilled VS 707 to 702 hole to #5
–Riveted VS 707 to 702
–Clecoed skin to VS skeleton 

VS: Rivet Repair

February 18, 2007

–Drilled out all 3 VS 707 to 702 rivets
–Straightened out VS 707 flange 

The fix worked out pretty well. The rib flange is only slightly deformed and the rivets are seated much better.