Fuel Pump Cover and Misc.

The boys were wiped out and asleep before 9pm thanks to three birthday parties in one day. I celebrated by heading into the shop.

Kurious Oranj is going to be fuel injected. This requires me to stray from the plans a bit to fit the larger electric fuel pump required to pressurize the fuel system. Luckily, this is a common mod. so there’s a number of builder references as well as a optional cover kit from Vans. I settled on the EFii fuel pump. It along with the Vans fuel pump cover pieces arrived last week.

Tonight, I fit the cover together and drilled it to the existing center cover pieces. I’ll need to do a little more drilling and fabricate some brackets to span the center cover in order to mount the fuel pump securely.

Additionally, I prepped all the remaining cabin parts. I now have a big pile of parts to wash/solvent/prime. Also I need to pick an interior paint color so I can order the paint and get the spray equipment in order.



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