Mounting the Flap Motor

Friday evening I drilled and installed the nutplates for the mid span mounting block that anchors the flap actuator.

WARNING:Earlier in the plans Vans gives you the option the run the baggage floor above or below the aft seat floor. I choose to run them above. Well… When you install the forward nutplate for the block in this config, you have a stack of two layers (the 705 flange and the aft seat floor sandwiched between the baggage rib and the baggage floor. This created a gap that makes for a poor rivet as I have proven here. I think it’s ok but probably should have shimmed it for better fit.

Saturday was off and on work to mount the flap actuator motor. It mounts the the 766A channel using a thick doubler on the flange and and even thicker anchor made out of angle. The trick is to drill everything but the angle rivet holes. Then assemble it all including hooking up the jackscrew to the flap actuator arm. Once it’s all together you back drill the angle using the prepunched holes in the 766A channel.

I finished some random drilling for nut plates. Next up will be finishing the forward covers.






One Response to “Mounting the Flap Motor”

  1. Wendy Says:

    I am not a plane builder but I do know what a nice clean assembly looks like. So, How big is your collection of Clecos?? They are a must have…I do not have the clamp style but I am not sure if they would work as well as they claim. BTW, have you moved into a hanger yet? Also do you ave any pics of the encompass the entire plane as it is right now? I am looking forward to seeing it.

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