More Interior Work

The last two weeks have been dedicated to fabricating and finishing all the cabin parts. I had planned in priming today but the weather wasn’t cooperating. No biggie though as there is still lots of parts I can prep ahead of priming.

  • The seats are drilled to final size.
  • The forward seat covers are drilled and prepped.
  • The front spar covers are done including the PITA angles that get drilled to the outboard doublers (pics attached).
  • The center tunnel cover between the seats is drilled and waiting to be primed and riveted.
  • The flap motor attach channels are mostly fabricated; a few holes are left to drill.
  • Starting to drill the Center floor cover and heat baffle.


To drill the angles that the outboard cover attaches, I clamped some scrap angle to create a reference line.


Be sure to use some scrap wood on other side of clamp or risk a dented skin.


With the reference line established you can drill the angle in assembly.


The plans give you the upper and lower marks and a mid line drawn on the angle provides the vertical reference.


Drill the cover and angle to #40 in assembly. Then remove from fuselage to expand to #19 and drill the angle for the nutplates.


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