Odds and Ends


After some business travel and a crazy week of snow here in Seattle, I finally got back to the project this weekend. It took me awhile to remember all the half completed tasks that needed finishing. So this weekend was dedicated to an assortment of small things. In no particular order:

–I made some temporary floor boards so can crawl on the inside of the fuse now.

–I finally torqued the bolts holding the 705C spacers.

–The F-728 vertical channel got riveted to the 706 bulkhead.

–I drilled the remaining holes on the F-707B bracket to attach the F-787 Stiffener rib to the 707 bulkhead.

–Lastly I drilled and dimpled the remaining gusset plates that tie the 706 and 707 bulkheads to the longerons.






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