The side gussets and rails are installed next. The gusset provides the anchor for the cabin frame as well as a slot for the canopy latch. The holes were straightforward to cut. After drilling (4) 1/4″ inch holes for the radius on each corner, I filed into shape and drilled then into place with the rails and the 705 bulkhead.

Here’s the final position. I’ll need to come back and countersink the rail rivets and the middle rivets of the gusset/longergon/705G interface as the cabin frame will mount directly onto this area.

For now though, on to the forward gusset. This is a deceptively tricky fit so I’ll kinda show my step by step process if anyone might need some reference later. First the front edge needs to be trimmed to fit flush against the firewall. You can’t revmove too much though because you still need to spread 14 size -4 rivets along the long dimension.

I had to shorten the spread on the last two rivets to get everything inside the edge clearance needed after modifying the front edge of the bracket.

Next I bent the short dimension where the gusset snugs up to the firewall so that it would lay flat on the firewall angle. I also increased the bend where the gusset overlays the longeron so there would be good contact between the parts. I used my table-top break and my big bench clamp to do all the subtle bending.

Once the gusset nested nicely, I drilled #40 pilot holes for both dimensions of the gusset.

Then I opened the holes up to #32 and finished them up with a #30 reamer carefully checking the angle of the drill to keep the holes straight.


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