Planecation 2011: Day Three

Yesterday I got to clamp the firewall on for the first time. Today’s mission was to drill it to the main structure; time to get out the ruler! I spent most of the day aligning the firewall well before drilling it. A straight firewall minimizes adjustments to the engine mount later. The instructions say to measure 5/8″ from the front face of the firewall to the end of the side skin. This is because the stainless steel flange of the firewall has minor variations in its dimension so you can’t just align the flange with the skin.

I must have put on and taken off the firewall about two dozen times as I filed the longerons and remeasured over and over. After I got it as close as I thought I could, I drilled a hole on either side of the 772 bottom skin to the lower firewall brace. This set the distance for the bottom dimension while the longerons determine the top dimension. Then I drilled all the holes in the side skins to the firewall.

With that completed I started work on the 1/8″ holes that attached the top firewall weldments to longerons. Vans has you insert rivets into the holes you’ve already drilled through the skin and longeron here to keep everything aligned before drilling into the steel.

This is as far as I got today. Progress is a little slower than I would like but these attachments are critical to get right so I don’t mind taking the extra time.


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One Response to “Planecation 2011: Day Three”

  1. Marsha Mulder Says:

    Lots of painstaking work going on out there! Looking good. MM

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