Parts Prep

I am starting the dreaded edge prep, deburring, and dimpling of the aft fuse parts. Nothing exciting to report other than I missed match drilling 3 holes on the floor pan.

One final note regarding the match drilling. I didn’t like how some of the holes became elongated near the tail end of F-779. I decided to drill and ream the holes out for 1/8 flush rivets instead of the standard 3/32 flush rivets. I’m including picture showing where I am talking about exactly. This was a very difficult area to get to line up even with the pre-punched parts so take your time.

I’ll be spending the rest of the Memorial Day weekend near Anacortes. I’ll pick it up again Monday night. Hopefully I’ll get some decent weather this week so I can get some priming done.

I will be using 1/8 rivets in 8 spots total way in the back underneath the tail. I doubt any will notice the different size rivets unless I point them out.


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