Aft Fuse Drilling Parts 2,3 and 4

Drilling the countless holes took about 3 more sessions this weekend. It was pretty tedious. I took my time on the rear most bulkheads as well. I am pretty sure all the holes turned out well. I am still debating whether to drill the F-711 and F-712 holes to #30 and use -4 rivets. I’ll inspect if any of the #40 holes got elongated in the match drilling process.

I was not looking forward to crawling around on my back to get to the bottom holes or flipping over the whole shebang without the longerons in place. When I stopped at sears to pick up a couple of punches, I almost tripped over one of those auto mechanic’s dollies that let them slide under the car. I took it as a sign and picked one up for $30. It certainly made the bottom holes easier to get to!

Next up is to take all this apart; debur it; dimple it; prime some of it; and put it all back together.


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